Waldo Customs Slick Silicone Lube

Waldo Customs Slick Silicone Lube

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It’s finally here. Perfect Silicone Oil built specifically for Aisoft uses.

My Slick Silicone Lube comes in 3 different strengths for all your airsofting needs. Not only that, but each are delicately scented. Shooting your gun has never smelt so good.

They are also individually coloured. That’s right, lube in some very attractive colors. Presentation and performance is key. Each of the following is ideal for:

Slim (seethrough in color):

– Pistol Slides (Contact Surfaces)

– Gas Blowback Nozzles

– AEG Compression O-Rings

– Gas Blowback Rifle Bolts

Medium (yellow in color):

– Ideal for the majority of all Airsoft components

Thicc (black in color):

– Gas Blowback Magazine O-Rings

– AEG Gears

– AEG Pistons

– AEG Springs

– Gas Blowback Recoil Springs

There is also a savers package. All 3 can be purchased individually for a significant saving. Another give back to my loving community.