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Ribbon Device: 3/16" Bronze Star

Ribbon Device: 3/16" Bronze Star

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The Bronze Star Device falls under the larger category of service stars, also known as campaign stars, engagement stars or battle stars. A service star is a U.S. military decoration attachment denoting participation in military campaigns as well as multiple awards of the same decoration. These devices are typically issued for campaign medals, service medals, ribbon awards, and particular military badges. Service stars are different from award stars, which are issued for multiple awards of meritorious and combat decorations. The military issues bronze and silver service stars; a silver being issued in lieu of five bronze stars.

• Campaign Star: For example, on a campaign medal. six campaigns served would be represented by one silver and one bronze service star. In some situations (i.e. the Afghanistan Campaign Medal), each recipient is entitled to at least one campaign star. Thus, an Afghanistan Campaign Medal without at least one bronze star would not be to regulation.

• Service Star: For example, two awards of a National Defense Service Medal would be represented by the medal with one bronze service star. In most situations, service stars are only issued after the second award of a decoration.

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