Lansky Blade Medic Knife Sharpener

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Full description

The Lansky Blademedic offers you four sharpeners in a very compact package. Convenient to take with, for knife repairs on the way. The Blademedic is suitable for (almost) every type of knife, varying from a plain edge to a serrated knife. It's like carrying a complete sharpening system in your pocket.

Carbide The Tungsten Carbide sharpener is for repairing the edge on a very blunt knife. You can also use this to sharpen your knife in a matter of seconds. Generally, it is enough to pull your knife through just three or four times. Please do note: the Carbide sharpener is quite agressive. If you only need normal maintenance, please use the ceramic sharpener.

Ceramic sharpening rods The ceramic sharpening rods are ideal for polishing and finishing the edge of a knife. Use these rods always as a finishing touch after using the Carbide sharpener. If the blade of your knife is still fairly sharp, you can use these rods for a slight touch-up of the edge. Because the ceramic rods aren't really agressive, you can use them regularly without a problem.

Ceramic knife sharpener This sharpening rod is developed for knives with fine or coarse serrations. If the serrations are large, you make a 'swiping' movement, reaching the whole edge. Keep je knife at the correct angle and always move it away from you, to avoid accidents.

You will notice that the sharpening rod is very versatile, as you can also use it as a regular sharpening stone. The ceramic rod is durable and has a long life span. You can clean this using the Lansky Eraser block.

Diamond sharpening rod The diamond rod serves for quick maintenance of your knife. This will restore a top condition on your knife and also enables you to maintain the sharpness. The diamond rod can be used on any knife, but is particularly useful for knives with a hook such as the safety knife on your Leatherman multi tool.

This first aid system for your knives comes with clear instructions.

Product Specifications

  • Carbide sharpener: coars

  • Ceramic stones: medium, grit size 1000

  • Ceramic rod: fine, grit size 1000

  • Diamond sharpening rod: grit size 600