Invader Coffee- The Original Blend

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The original! Tried and tested. You won’t regret this one.” -Luther K

Invader Coffee presents to you the coffee that started it all --Truly one of our best coffees! Our flagship coffee features a blend of central and south American organic coffee beans for the coffee drinkers who prefer a well-balanced coffee flavor. 

The Invader blend is air roasted coffee that decreases the acidity to perfection to provide a rich, medium bodied taste with hints of dark chocolate, cacao butter and oranges with a dash of caramel to finish. Drink it black to experience the delicious flavor of the way these organic coffee beans were intended or enjoy with your favorite sweetener and creamer --we won’t be mad. 

Coffee Characteristics

  • Medium Body with rich coffee taste
  • Hints of Dark Chocolate, cacao butter and a dash of caramel
  • The coffee that put Invader on the map as one of America’s best coffees

Invader Promise

  • 100% Fair Trade
  • 100% Organic Coffee Beans
  • 100% Air Roasted Coffee
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee 
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