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Green Gas - Classic

Green Gas - Classic

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Green Gas is a pressurized gas used to power airsoft gas magazines and gas powered grenades. Airsoft green gas is propane with a silicone based oil added to the green gas lubricating O-rings and seals inside airsoft gas products preventing them from drying out and leaking. Green gas delivers approximately 115 psi at 70-degrees Fahrenheit, and their cans are DOT approved. They also have an integrated safety valve to release pressure automatically to reduce explosion risk whenever the pressure exceeds a safety level due to temperature or other reasons. 


Pressurized gas cannot be shipped via 3-day,2nd day,or next-day air services. Pressurized gas cannot be shipped outside of the lower 48 states of the U.S.A. All non-qualifying orders will be canceled and refunded immediately. Do not leave pressured gas cans under high heat,or in the vehicle unattended. Due to the nature of this item and the complexity requirement on shipping,green gas cannot be returned. Please make sure your Airsoft gun is compatible with green gas before purchasing. We are committed to bringing you the highest quality green gas in a timely, legal, and (most importantly) safe manner.

  • High power output
  • Silicone base added for lubrication of airsoft guns
  • US Department of Transportation approved
  • Integrated safety valve
  • DOT Approved & will be shipped per exact DOT representative instructions
  • Specifications
  • Capacity: 8oz (226g)
  • Safety Data: DOT-E 11917
  • Capacity: 40~60 recharges on an average airsoft gas magazine. Approximately 1200~3000 rounds per can.
  • Package Includes: 1 Can
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