First Strike Paintball Case - 600 Rounds

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The bar for accuracy and range in modern paintball has been significantly raised by First Strike rounds. A fin stabilized paintball able to shoot farther and straighter than anything else in the game, true paintball snipers and tactical operators shooting First Strike .68 caliber paintballs can truly reach out and touch opponents at amazing range with unequalled accuracy! If creeping through the brush and taking careful aim to make an accurate shot from long range is the ultimate rush, or tactical action with magazine-fed carbines and pistols sounds intense, there’s no ammo better than the First Strike round!
First Strike paintballs are designed to be used with First Strike compatible markers only.
First Strike paintballs can be muzzle-loaded individually in most markers, but may not be compatible with all paintball markers.
  • Fin stabilized .68 caliber paintballs
  • Shoots further and more accurately than any other paintball
  • Compatible with many magazine-fed rifles and pistols
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • 600 round case