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Combat Application Tourniquet

Combat Application Tourniquet

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Combat Application Tourniquet - CAT. This is compact/lightweight for self-application and carry on person or in first aid kit. For extremity severe hemorrhage control. If bleeding doesn’t stop with direct pressure, use this! Life saving equipment not only for professionals but for the average individual. Essential first aid kit for Military / Camping / Hunting / Hiking / Fishing. Easy to clean and can be reused.


What is a Tourniquet?
A tourniquet is a medical device used to temporarily restrict blood flow in a specific part of the body, usually an arm or leg. It's often a tight band or strap that is applied above the area where medical procedures are being performed, or in cases of severe bleeding, to control blood loss. By limiting blood flow, a tourniquet helps healthcare professionals work safely and provides more time to address injuries or perform necessary treatments. It's important to use tourniquets correctly and only for short periods to prevent potential damage to tissues.

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