Tippmann Electronic E-Grip Kit - US Army Alpha/Alpha Black/Project Salvo - T206002

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Tippmann US Army Carver One/Alpha Black/Project Salvo E-Grip Electronic Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your Tippmann Alpha Black or Project Salvo to Electronic Full Auto! The US Army E-Trigger system uses an electronic control board to activate a solenoid. When activated, the solenoid disengages the sear, which in turn fires the marker. The System is powered by a concealed 9 Volt Battery. All electronic components are completely contained inside the grip of your US Army Paintball Gun, and changing the battery is as easy as removing your plastic side grip.

Features 4 Firing Modes:
- Semi-Auto
- 3 Shot Safety Burst
- Full-Auto Normal - 12 BPS
- Full-Auto Fast - 15 BPS