Tippmann 98 Custom & Custom Pro E-Trigger Upgrade Kit - T205002

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The E-Trigger™ Electronic Upgrade Kit includes five firing modes (semi-auto, auto-response, full-auto, 3-shot burst, turbo) that can be changed in seconds for rapid (up to 17 balls per second) firing. Requires 9-volt battery. NOTE: This frame will fit 98 Custom markers with serial # over 880,000 and all 98 Custom Pro Markers
  • Semi-Auto: Fires 1 Shot for each trigger pull.
  • Auto-Response: Fires 1 Shot for each trigger pull or release.
  • Full Auto: Fires Repeatedly as long as the trigger is held.
  • 3 Shot Burst: Fires 3 Shots for each trigger pull.
  • Turbo: Fires 1 shot for every trigger pull, fires 1 shot for every trigger pull or release if the time between trigger pulls is less than .25 seconds.