Box of Bubble Gum Crayons

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  • Kids who love to color will adore Magic Color Bubblegum Crayons! This novelty candy comes in nostalgic crayon style cardboard boxes. Open them up to find a series of tube-shaped pieces of bubblegum that are shaped to look like real crayons. You can't use them on paper, but they taste amazingly sweet on your tongue! Each individual Bubblegum Crayon box also contains a bonus sticker.
  • The Magic Colors Bubble Gum Crayons are a fun, creative way to enjoy sweet and fruity bubble gum, with each piece shaped like a real crayon.
  • Magic Colors Bubble Gum Crayons Packs in Assorted Fruit Flavors and Colors with a Sticker in each pack. These Magic Colors Bubble Gum Crayons look similar to real Crayons
  • Each box contains 10 pieces of gum and one sticker.
  • The packaging adds to the fun, designed to look like a crayon box. You will love this novelty candy, perfect for birthday party favors or gifts.