Dangerous Power REV-I Marker - Red / Black – Green Beret

Dangerous Power REV-I Marker - Red / Black

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Dangerous Power Rev-i Paintball Gun is the latest creation from Evo Ventures. They have had a history of making great guns for reasonable prices. The new Dangerous Power Rev-i is no exception. The Rev-i Paintball gun is more expensive than the rest of the Dangerous power paintball guns but has all of the features, aesthetics and reliability of the most expensive guns. The Dangerous Power Rev-i paintball gun is pronounced REVY and will come in a variety of options. Wile creating this gun, Dangerous power announced their goal is not only to produce one of the best and innovative guns on the market but to also protect the resale as well.

The Dangerous Power Rev-I paintball gun features a see through design which will allow you to see if any of the internal o-rings on the gun have gone bad or need to be replaced. The Rev-i easily shoots 35+ Balls Per Second right out of the box. The gauge on the Dangerous Power Rev-i Paintball gun is located in the back of the marker. They have done this so you can always keep an eye on your gauge wile playing and to locate it off your regulator so it will not interfere with your play. \

The Rev-I Paintball Gun is fully programmable and you will not need to deal with dip switches or remove the grips to change modes. They have made this possible wile still making the Dangerous Power Rev-i a tournament legal paintball gun. The gun comes with fully upgradeable board which will remove the hassle of changing out the board to something better (It already comes with the best).

The Dangerous Power Rev-1 has a swiveling rake style trigger as well as a sling style trigger. The trigger has multiple adjustment points so you will get the feel and pull you are looking for. The Rev-i has a deluxe Dangerous Power Lever On/Off ASA which makes it very easy to gas or degas your gun. The Rev-i has a very good quality clamping feed neck installed which will not need to be replaced. The Feed Neck is very durable and will securely hold all paintball loaders on the market.

The barrel on the new Dangerous Power Rev-i paintball gun is a two piece design and machined with the precision of most after market two piece barrels. The barrel works great to give you all around good accuracy and consistency with each and every shot.

The bolt on the Dangerous Power Rev-i gun is a one piece design with only one moving part. This makes for less problems with multiple parts or a lot of seals going bad. It is also easily removable with one tool down the front of the barrel and a few turns.

We have checked out the Dangerous Power Rev-i paintball gun at the World Cup 2008 Event. In our opinion, the Rev-i gun is a great buy for the price and we are sure you will be more than happy with your purchase. Give the DP Revi a chance to impress.


  • Ultra low-profile Clamping Feedneck. That’s right - the clamping feedneck that is widely used throughout the paintball industry was originally designed by the folks at DP Engineering. (U.S. Patent - US7252080B2)
  • RAPS™ (Rapid Air Pressurizing System) Flip Lever Style ASA. This revolutionary ASA makes standard twist-knob ASAs a thing of the past. Another DP Engineering original. (U.S. Patent - US7156135)
  • Dump valve bolt and “see-through” window. With just five o-rings and one moving part in its entire operation, routine maintenance for the DP REV-i is no longer a chore! Inspired by DP Engineer’s love for exotic sport cars and motorcycles, the option to view REV-i’s flawless internal bolt system is a refined touch, dedicated to the mighty Ferrari Enzo. (U.S. Patent - US7500478B2, Patent Publish Number - US2009/0064980A1)
  • SwitchBlade™ Trigger. Customize your game plan by flipping the trigger to the desired side, no tools necessary. Two amazing triggers in one - priceless. (U.S. Patent - US7950380B2)
  • Grip frame OLED. Introducing the first ever, stock, “in the grip frame” OLED, for your viewing (and playing) pleasure.
  • Configurable modes. Rule change “immune” Tournament Modes that are fully user configurable. Flexible for all levels and modes of play.